The Peculiar Romanticism of the English Situationists – a review

There’s a very thorough reading of my article “The Peculiar Romanticism of the English Situationists” over on the blog Reading and Walking. You can read the review article here (apologies, Reading and Walking author, if you see this — I can’t find a name!). I’m very glad that the article is still being read three … Continue reading The Peculiar Romanticism of the English Situationists – a review

Jinny’s Tonic #6

Psychogeography Today: Aimless Wandering as Creative Practice I’ll be dusting off my old lecture notes to lead a discussion at Jinny Blom’s design studio as part of the fabulous Jinny’s Tonic salon. More info on Jinny Blom’s website. And tickets available on EventBrite. The evening will be focussed on discussion. I’ll give a brief introduction, … Continue reading Jinny’s Tonic #6

Notes on Nash

In lieu of a review proper, here are some thoughts on the Paul Nash exhibition at Tate Britain, which I visited in early November 2016. ‘[Is it] possible to “go modern” and still “be British”? […] The battle lines have been drawn up: internationalism versus an indigenous culture; renovation versus conservatism; the industrial versus the … Continue reading Notes on Nash

Radical Philosophy Reviews

I’ve had a couple of book reviews published in Radical Philosophy recently. In issue 192 (July/Aug 2015) there’s one titled ‘Surplus Poetics’, which considers Frances Stracey’s Constructed Situations; in 190 (Mar/Apr 2015) there’s another, titled ‘Fun and Games’, in relation to Richard Barbrook’s Class Wargames. *UPDATE 1/12/2015* I’ve just been told that a scan of … Continue reading Radical Philosophy Reviews

Sussex Surrealism (Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, May 2015)

The talk below was given at ‘Local Modernisms: 1890-1950’ in Birmingham, though it’s really an abridged version of a lecture I gave at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne.  In her book Romantic Moderns, Alexandra Harris documents what she describes as ‘a modern English renaissance’ that took place in the late 1930s, when English artists, writers and … Continue reading Sussex Surrealism (Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, May 2015)